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25 March 2020The Astonishing Master Mozart comes to London
26 February 2020The Roaring Twenties: Art, Design and High Society
29 January 2020Who done it: Hitchcock - Master of Suspense
18 December 2019Santa Claus - The Art that turned him from St Nicholas to Father Christmas
27 November 2019The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte
30 October 2019Tantrums and Tiaras
25 September 2019Vita Sackville West and Sissinghurst
26 June 2019Pots of Art from Grayson Perry
29 May 2019Servant, Mistress, Scoundrel and Princess. Kensington Palace- creating a royal residence
24 April 2019Leonardo da Vinci: the Science behind the Art
27 March 2019The Dowager Empress Cixi (1835-1908) - Ruling from Behind the Yellow Silk Screen
27 February 2019The Anatomy of Collecting - The History of Collecting and Great Collectors Through History
30 January 2019Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera - The Golden Age of Mexican Painting
19 December 2018A Cornucopia of Christmas Customs
28 November 2018The Art Of Medicine - Medical Gold
31 October 2018Ritual Protection Marks at Knole
26 September 2018Faber And Faber - 90 Years of Excellence in Cover Design
27 June 2018Lee Miller: Witnessing Women at War 
30 May 2018Sacred Art of Burma
25 April 2018Basingstoke & Its Contribution to World Culture
28 March 2018The Art and Architecture of Travel
28 February 2018Votes for Women! Art and the Suffragettes
31 January 2018Getting under their Skins: finding character and story in Renaissance art
12 December 2017Christmas Customs & Traditions
29 November 2017That Woman or the Duchess of Style
25 October 2017The Sword & the Staff
27 September 2017The Horse & Modern Art from Stubbs to Wallinger
28 June 2017Impressionists and the Painting of Modern Life
31 May 2017Mr Barry’s War
26 April 2017Art Deco and the Golden Age of Travel
29 March 2017A Portrait of Lord Nelson
22 February 2017Temples, Tombs and Treasures
25 January 2017Russian 19th Century Painting
13 December 2016Charles Dickens Conjuror
30 November 2016René Lalique
26 October 2016At the Sign of the Falcon
28 September 2016The Splendours of the City Churches – before and after the Great Fire
29 June 2016Undressing Antiques
25 May 2016A Photographic Odyssey: Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition Captured on Camera
27 April 2016Gertrude Jekyll: Artist, Craftswoman and Gardener
30 March 2016The Lost Princes
24 February 2016Machu Picchu Great Citadel of the Incas: beauty and mystery.
27 January 2016Everything Very Fine
15 December 2015Wonder workers and the Art of Illusion
25 November 2015Lest we Forget
28 October 2015The Art of Vienna 1890 – 1914
24 June 2015Dido Elizabeth Belle and the Beginnings of Abolition
27 May 2015Henry Purcell, The English Orpheus
29 April 2015British Neo-Romanticism between the Wars
25 March 2015Appearing to Advantage – The Art of Dining in Georgian England
25 February 2015Meet me at the Waldorf
28 January 2015Recent Architectural Transformation of London
16 December 2014Art Deco and All that Jazz
26 November 2014History of Forgotten Moorish Spain
29 October 2014The History of the Harp – Lecture/Recital
24 September 2014The Great Poster War of 1914-1918

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The Astonishing Master Mozart comes to London Dr Graham Griffiths Wednesday 25 March 2020

1st Lecture: 2.30pm

2nd Lecture: 8.00pm

This presentation tells of the Mozart family’s residence in London (1764-5) during which time the 8-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus – already a prolific composer – amazed the royal guests of George III and performed musical tricks in pubs (and was even the subject of medical research). All this is described with surprising images of 18th century Chelsea and of Mozart’s earliest musical handwriting. Furthermore, Dr Griffiths illustrates his talk at the piano* with explanations and performances of over a dozen of Mozart’s witty miniatures. The equally-astonishing Polonaise melancolique by Mozart’s own child-prodigy Franz Xaver (whom he never knew) brings the presentation to an emotional conclusion. N.B. This is the ideal introduction to the inimitable style of Griffiths’s presentations where the experienced concert-goer and the musical new-comer are informed and entertained in equal measure.

Dr Graham Griffiths

Lecturer, conductor, pianist, composer. Music Research Fellow (City, University of London). DPhil., Musicology (Christ Church, Oxford, 2008), PGCE (Cambridge), BMusHons (Edinburgh). 

Musical Director Grupo Novo Horizonte de Sao Paulo (featured on BBCR3); lectures, concerts, and recordings (UK, Denmark, Brazil, Russia); Guest of The British Council; University lecturing (UK) at Bath, Bristol, Canterbury (Christchurch), City (London), Oxford.

Author: Stravinsky’s Piano: Genesis of a Musical Language (Cambridge, 2013/2015; ‘Kaschperowa, Leokadiya’ in Instrumentalistinnen-Lexikon-online (Bremen: Sophie Drinker Institut, 2018).

Editor: Stravinsky in Context (Cambridge, 2020); Contributor to The Stravinsky Encyclopedia (Cambridge, forthcoming); Strawinsky Abécédaire (ed. Marie Strawinsky) (Geneva: Editions Slatkine, 2018).

Recordings: Latin American Sacred Music of the 18th and 19th centuries; Brazilian contemporary music; the piano music of L.A.Kashperova.

Composer, film: Voyage of the Vikings: Hurricane! Hurry! (dir. Camille Bontemps: Edwards Films, 2018).

Guest appearances at ‘St Petersburg International Conservatoires Festival’ performing lost works by Leokadiya Kashperova (1872-1940) re-discovered by Griffiths. This research featured in the BBCRadio3/AHRC celebration Five Forgotten Female Composers on International Women’s Day (8 March 2018). Griffiths’s work has been featured by public service broadcasters in several countries.