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29 April 2020The Relevance Today of Ford Maddox Brown's Painting "Work"
27 May 2020Rebuilding of Ypres
24 June 2020The Civic and Livery Company Arms of the City of London

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The Relevance Today of Ford Maddox Brown's Painting "Work" Stella Grace Lyons Wednesday 29 April 2020

1st Lecture: 2.30pm

2nd Lecture: 8.00pm

Ford Madox’s Brown’s expansive painting ‘Work’ was one of the most remarkable and radical works painted during the Victorian period. Taking over twelve years to produce, the modern life scene attempted to show every level of Victorian society; from a rich aristocrat, to a hard-working builder, to a destitute and orphaned baby. Illustrating corruption, out-of-touch MPs, and a devious sausage maker, the painting shares some extraordinary similarities to our 21st Century society, despite being over 150 years old.

Mrs Stella Lyons

Stella Grace Lyons gained her BA in the History of Art with a 1st class in her dissertation from the University of Bristol, and her MA in History of Art at the University of Warwick. She spent a year studying Renaissance art in Italy at the British Institute of Florence, and three months studying Venetian art in Venice. In addition, she attended drawing classes at the prestigious Charles H. Cecil studios in Florence. In 2017, Stella was selected by The Arts Society to lecture at the launch of ‘Drawing Room Discussions’ in association with ROSL ARTS, hosted by Guardian arts correspondent Maev Kennedy. Stella runs her own art history courses and she is also a regular lecturer in the UK and Europe for The Arts Society, National Trust, Contemporary Arts Society Wales (CASW), Classical Education Forum, WEA, and several travel companies. Stella also works as an artist’s model for the internationally renowned figurative artist, Harry Holland.